Vast Area

Cricket, Soccer, Volleyball, Dodgeball & Rugby


Bream, Barbel, Carp & Bass   



Bird Watching

Of the roughly 900 bird species to be found in South Africa, more than 600 are found in the KwaZulu Natal region, making it a birding haven. Some of the particularly rare species include the Mangrove Kingfisher, Palmnut vulture and Purple Crested lourie. 
While even a visit to a local garden or the Mangrove swamps in Durban North will be rewarded with the sights and sounds of a large variety of birds, the real experience comes from the birding hotspots. These include a number of forests, nature reserves & resorts, wetlands and game parks.

Animal Feeding

Ducks, Swans, Goats, Sheep, Horses & Chickens



Quad biking 

An exceptional experience of thrill and adventure